Convicted about Sickness

Today marks the anniversary in my mind when Covid changed things. The rodeo shut down March 11, 2020 which made me go, uh oh, this covid thing is pretty real.

Covid scared me for about month. I stayed at home and while doing so, I pressed into the Lord and I resolved to let my faith be greater than my fear. Didn’t mean I didn’t acknowledge the realness of the illness, it just meant I decided I wasn’t going to adjust my life to anything other than my faith.

The reason? Jesus. He faces sickness and doesn’t cower. He didn’t shy away from those that needed healing, He walked right into the midst of contagious disease and sickness to heal people. He taught His disciples to do the same. And they did. They healed the sick, raised the dead, cleansed the lepers, and cast out demons. Then He told His disciples to go make new disciples and to teach them everything He had taught them.

The last two years have shown me that we, the church, are really far off from what Jesus modeled and told us to do. If Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever then how come the mighty miracles like healing and deliverance are not running prevalent in society today? How come when we have more churches than ever before are we not seeing the mighty power of God move as He has always done? God didn’t change. So why and when did we?

There are people and churches contending for that kind of Christian life, yet other Christians mock it. That’s devastating. Anyone who might challenge what I’m saying about healing and miracles, I invite you to sit with me and go through the Bible. Don’t take my word for anything, we can go into the Word to see for ourselves what God started in the Old Testament, Jesus did in the gospels, and what He sends forth in the Acts. I welcome discussion, but only if we will both have open Bibles to point to while we do.

I cannot read the Word and not be convicted that we are missing the mark as His disciples. I am missing the mark.

I share this because the power of God was always been displayed to bring people to repentance and salvation. If we are sharing the Gospel without the life altering power of God, are we really being effective in ministering the Gospel?

I got radically rocked by the power of God which broke me free from drug addiction. I know God breaks in, shows up and speaks to set the captives free. He did it in my life to bring me to salvation. And He wants to do it in everyone’s.

I’ve been reading Acts lately and asking God to do in me whatever it takes to make me an effective disciple to bring life change to others. If you’re seeking the more of God, desiring to be all He called us to be, what are you doing? I’d love to hear so we can stir each other up to love and good works. Our world desperately needs all of God and we, as Jesus followers, are called to show them.

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