Updated the artwork in my office!

And it feel so good to be back here regularly. COVID restrictions kept me out for awhile, but I got to return last fall only to be back out in February for several months dealing with my surgery, recovery, and unable to drive. I’ve been back the last few weeks with more love and appreciation for this place.

We take so much for granted. But I’m learning to appreciate the small and simple things. Our society is always on the quest for bigger, better, more, faster, and while it’s good to progress, it’s equally good to pause. This picture reminds me to do that. To pause, to reflect, to be still, to appreciate, to take stock of where you are, what you have, who’s around you because that won’t always be the case and things can be stripped away in an instant. So as I get back to the grind, I put this picture here to remind myself to never be so busy that I don’t stop, to be and appreciate where I am at.

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