This little decoration got me through COVID when it was hard to keep track of days. Now with this winter storm, it’s helping me once again.

It’s funny how tied we are to time. Absolutely consumed by the days, the hours, the minutes to get it all in and crossed off our to-do list. Yet when something like this Historic Winter Storm happens, you realize how fleeting all the things that we let consume us really are. “Meaningless! Utterly meaningless!” says the Teacher (Ecclesiastes 1:2)

People matter. Basic needs matter. To live in a society that has so much, we often forget and take for granted all that matters and we replace it by filling our time, days, and hours with things that are fleeting. Utterly meaningless!

If 2020, and now 2021, has taught me anything, it’s slow down. Reassess priorities. Focus on what voice is driving you and make sure it’s the voice that matters most, that cares the most, that loves the most. Don’t be consumed, tossed to and fro, by the things that are fleeting because they are easily stripped away. Love people. Prioritize your loved ones. Look out for the needs of others and actively serve them. And stop making sacrifices of the good things and people in your life, for empty promises for better things at some future date. Today is all we have.

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