Despised Shame.

Jesus despised shame. Have you ever thought about that? He DESPISED it.

Merriam Webster defines shame as “a painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety”.

It also defines despise as “to regard as negligible, worthless, or distasteful.”

Jesus thought shame was worthless. So much that He endured the cross to overturn it. Then He sat down at the right hand of the Father having defeated shame along with every other evil thing.

How many times has shame made you feel worthless? Feeling all guilty because you felt you didn’t measure up?

Those thoughts are not of God.

Those thoughts are not true.

The voice of the Lord does not speak negatively to us.

The voice of the Lord always speaks in love.

Negative thoughts are not of God.

So the next time you’re dealing with thoughts of shame, or any negative thought like doubt, fear, anxiety, worry, insecurity, lack, whatever, “Tell that crap to go.” (thanks, Anthony Eiroa!)

We as believers in Jesus have all authority through His blood. So let’s start using that authority we have and kick those evil thoughts out!

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