A Real Encounter with Jesus

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. We can know Jesus like we know celebrity or a sports icon. Where you can know a lot about them in regards to roles they played, stats from games, history, spouses, kids, etc. but there is no real relationship. You don’t actually know them, you just know about them. For many of us, how true is that about our relationship with Jesus? We know about Him, His history, His stories, but there’s no real relationship with God.

That was my story. I grew up in the church, knew all the stories, could quote some bible verses, but there wasn’t a real relationship with Jesus. I had no intimacy with God and found it weird when people said things like “intimacy with God”. That all changed 7 years ago when I asked God, “who are You really?”

I began reading the Bible for myself to find out. Not reading the Bible to look good, feel better, satisfy a checklist, please people, but truly reading in attempt to understand who God is and asking Him to open my eyes along the way. He did and a true relationship was born. Now, I understand what intimacy with God is all about. I’ve encountered Him and can’t shut up about Him! He desires real relationship with all of us and that intimacy is there for any who are willing to seek Him. You can’t understand how sweet it is until you experience it for yourself. And it’s so simple, it starts with asking Him to reveal Himself then taking a step of faith, like reading the Bible for yourself, so He can.

Want to start reading the Bible? Try starting with the book of Matthew or John in the New Testament to learn about Jesus. The whole Bible is about Jesus, although I didn’t quite see Him at first in the Old Testament. Learning about Jesus and His life in the New Testament helped connect the dots to the prophecies and stage that was set through the Old. Please let me know if you have any questions! I’d love to help you on your journey.

Moment Devotional
from Houston’s First
with Gregg Matte

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