God is really good at being God

Today, my mom and I headed up separately to our family ranch. When we met up, we both separately had the idea we should go to a plant shop in Chappell Hill that’s been there for as long as we can remember. Neither one of us have ever been there before, but we pass it every time and see the owner sitting outside from open to close. Today we both felt the desire to go. We went about our day being mindful of the time, wanting to get to the shop before it closed at 5. When we got there after 4, we met Junior, the owner, sitting in his chair, cane by his side. My mom and I both quickly found something to buy. Turns out, the shop is only the porch Junior sits on. The building itself is not in good condition. I was even told not to go inside because the flooring was bad so his shop was only what was on the porch. He then told us he had prayed that morning asking the Lord to provide $60. Moments before we arrived, another woman had come and purchased about $30 worth of plants so our $34 worth of plants answered his prayer. After us all talking about how cool God is to answer Junior’s prayer and use us to be a part of His answer, Junior said, “I think Betsy would like that prayer plant on the end.” After going down to look at it, I was in complete agreement Betsy definitely wanted that prayer plant on the end! After buying it too, he told us that after that woman left, seeing God’s faithfulness, he had asked the Lord for $50 more. My additional purchase satisfied that prayer for $80 for the day so he had all he needed and could close up shop. The Bible says the Lord will supply all of our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. It was so encouraging to meet a man like Junior who knows the Lord is faithful and knows he can ask for what he needs. He didn’t ask for more than he needed, but just enough. God is really good at being God.

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