A sense of humor…

When God starred stirring in my heart in February that it was time to let go of the Texas Longhorns my dad loved to raise, I was sad, but knew there was a purpose.

After we sold the last of them in April, the busyness of spring and summer with increasing ministry and business opportunities confirmed the need of letting them go. My dad had raised Texas Longhorns all my life and through his cancer and after he passed away in 2014, I took over managing the herds. There was so much on my plate this year, that I didn’t even have a moment to reflect on that chapter of my life ending until September.

Now it’s fall and the last few times I’ve come to the ranch, guess who’s been here? The Texas Longhorns! Part of the herd we maintained were our neighbors and at the time of splitting the herds, she bought some of ours. She is also keeping with her herd several more of ours that were given to a dear friend who helped us tremendously over the years. Many of the animals I’ve raised and loved are still here.

Due to all the rain (thank you, God, for green grass for these beautiful creatures!), we have a fence down between the properties and it’s taking a long time to mend. The Texas Longhorns were taking more time than I could give towards the end, but it was hard to let them go because I loved them too. God in His infinite wisdom knew it was time for me to release them, yet being the kind God He is has allowed me to enjoy them much longer. I laugh every time I come up and see them still here.

God always used the cows to teach me lessons about being an overseer, waiting, trusting, discipline, timing, His word (because they’re all named Bible verses) and here He is today, still using them as a lesson on His lovingkindness, that He sees so much more than we do, that He has a sweet sense of humor for our benefit, and that He loves us more than words can express. As someone once said, “He’s a God who sees around corners.” He knew they would be here today when I was here and that I’d be able to effortlessly enjoy them without needing to “do” anything.

God simply asks us to trust Him and obey what He says. And there’s always a reward in that- getting to know Him more. I’m thankful for the ways I’ve gotten to know Him and excited that there’s always more to know. And for today, this moment in time, I simply get to enjoy what He’s placed around me.

My two favorites- Joshua 1:9 (“Chip”) and Micah 6:8 (“Red”)

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