Take note

When things repeat, take note. That was one of the first lessons the Lord taught me through stirring my spirit within. This verse has been on repeat lately. At a time I’ve needed it most. God’s character never changes. He doesn’t change. He doesn’t lie. He is trustworthy. In our situations, it’s always His character that the enemy calls into question. We look at things in such a finite and, at times, final way BUT GOD. He is so much bigger. He is so much better. He is so much greater. He is not a human. Thank God! Because He’s really good at this whole God things. He’s been doing it longer than any of us have been here and will be doing it much longer. You may not understand Him, but He reveals Himself to those who seek Him. He confirms His word, reveals His nature, and is intimately involved in our lives. Ask Him to reveal Himself and be astounded by His attention to detail.

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