Unstoppable Identity

Our identity as children of the most High God is vital. It is the single most important weapon we have & the greatest threat to the enemy. Once we know who God is, when we learn who we are, then we know what we can do and we become unstoppable.

The first deception in the garden was to question God’s voice. “Has God indeed said…?”

The first temptation Jesus endured was a question of identity. “If you are the Son of God…”

The enemy questions God’s voice and he questions our identity.

Why? Because the voice of the Lord tells us who we are.

Pride is not only thinking you’re greater than; it is also thinking you’re less than. Giving your sin, you worries, your fears, your hangups a position higher than God is prideful. Thinking you’re not good enough for God puts you in place of low pride thinking He’s not a big enough God to handle your problems. He died for the sin of the world. He is big enough for your problems. He’s big enough for your past, He’s mighty enough to use you despite your mess. He loves you, cherishes you, delights in you and desires to use you to change the world. Yes, you.

As Bill Johnson says, “We can’t afford to entertain thought about ourselves that God does not think about us. The moment we do, we entertain a lie and actually war against the purpose of God in our lives.”

Never let the devil set the agenda. God’s word has all power. Satan’s does not. When we begin to question what God has said, we delegate our power to the enemy by dwelling on what he says instead of what God says about us. We end up giving that which has no power the power to undermine the purpose of God in our lives. When Jesus died, He took back authority and power and gave it to us! We have the power to change our thinking and tune in only to what the Creator of the Universe says.

Matthew 28:18-20 tells us Jesus has all authority has been given to Him, then He transfers the authority to us (Romans 8:14-17 and Colossians 2:8-19). Our identity wasn’t meant to be so misunderstood, but the enemy knows if he can cripple us there we will live mediocre, powerless lives. He tempts us to doubt who we are because it keeps us from living in the fullness of Christ.

Spend time in the Word this week dwelling on what God says about you. Repeat it to yourself. Then do it again. Post it on your walls. Write it on your heart. Know that you know that you know that what God says is the only thing you need to know about yourself.

1 Peter 2:9-10

2 Corinthians 5:14-21

Romans 8:14-17

John 1:12-13

Colossians 1:21-23

Matthew 5:14-16

John 1:4-5

Isaiah 40:28-29

Ephesians 6:10-13

2 Timothy 2:11-12

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