Washing of the Word

The word washes. The word cleanses. Those thoughts, those fears, those insecurities, the perceived lack, the feelings of unworthiness, the doubt, the uncertainties, all of it is cleansed by the washing of the word. Reading scripture, dwelling on the word, internalizing what the Bible says brings freedom, brings revelation, brings breakthrough, brings peace, brings confidence. Allow yourself time to be washed by the word daily and watch your life radically change.

When I committed to a daily time of studying the word, my life began to change drastically. When I think of the woman I was five years ago and who I am today, my heart soars because of the difference and grieves over the lost, destitute, uncertain soul I was then. I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know why I was created. I didn’t know my worth. I do now. It came from getting to know the God who created me. It came from learning what He had to say about me. I listened to lies all my life and as I started to learn what He says, truth set me free. His word has power. His word brings clarity. His word reigns supreme. What God thinks and says about us is the MOST IMPORTANT thing we need to know about ourselves.

Read His Word. Find out what He says. Find out what He did. Find out the cost He paid to set you free and embrace that freedom. Embrace the love. Embrace the confidence that rests in Him and Him alone. He will guide you. He will help you. He will love you into wholeness. Allow Him to wash those hurting and broken places. Allow Him to restore them. Allow Him to redeem all things. He will. He is faithful. He loves you with an everlasting love that is far better than anything the world can offer. Speak to Him and ask Him to help you hear what He is speaking to you.

Start with the New Testament books of John or Matthew if you want to know Jesus’ story. In the Old Testament, read a Psalm or Proverb a day to gain insight and wisdom. Read Isaiah 43 or Hebrews 12 or 1 John. Start somewhere and allow the Word of God to transform your life like only He can.

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