Listen when God speaks…

God speaks. The whole Bible is about Him speaking. He still speaks today through the Holy Spirit, the Bible, His Church, His people, circumstances, and His voice. Today He spoke through a dear friend. At lunch, the Lord gave him the word “bluebonnets” for me and said he felt the interpretation was the Lord wanted me to get away to the ranch to get alone with Him and hear from Him. Little did my friend know, I almost cancelled lunch earlier in the week because I felt I needed to go to the ranch. I didn’t because when I checked the weather seeing rain forecast for Saturday, I decided to go up Sunday for a few hours instead. And that’s where I went wrong. I trusted my voice and logic over the still small voice inside me telling me otherwise. Wrestling this morning if I should go today or tomorrow since there was no rain, I went to lunch unsure. God in His infinite kindness didn’t want me to miss this moment, knowing rest is hard work and that I needed it so He used a friend to confirm His leading for me to go. God is so good at being God. He loves us and knows us. When He speaks, trust Him. Trust His voice. We, as His children, know His voice. The Bible says so. The first thing the enemy did was to get Eve to question what God said. Choose to say no to the enemy’s attempt to get us to doubt and start asking the Lord to tune your ear to His voice. He will. And then when He speaks, listen. It’s always for our best interest. Even when we can’t see it, even when it doesn’t make sense, it is to prosper us and not to harm us because He is God and He’s really good at it. He is the great I AM.

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