Perfect Love

When the path before us seems uncertain, He is there. When fears arise and faith becomes shaky, He is there. We are never faulted for our fear, but He does want to drive it out. He wants us to release the fear to Him and receive His hand to walk us to greater faith. Life is hard. A lot comes at you often, but He never leaves us alone in any of it. He has a plan for all of it, all your questions, all your fears, all your hurt, all your pain. He is there. He wants to help you through all of it, but if you choose to walk your own way without Him, He walks alongside you. He never leaves you alone. He is right there, every step of the way. Watching, waiting, offering His nail scarred hand to you to show you a better way. As we trust the guidance of His hand, we see the perfection of His sweet love as He helps us release our fears to Him. Doesn’t mean there will not be pain, but when given to Him we find purpose. We find presence. We find Him.

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