One Word Challenge

The One Word Challenge is something I’ve been doing since October 2013 when I heard a speaker share his journey doing this and challenged us to do the same. I accepted and could write for days about each word journey I’ve taken over the years. My first year was faith, second year love, third year grace, fourth year believe, and this next year is mercy. The lessons learned each year are posts for another day…

The One Word challenge is about finding one word that you hold onto for one year. It is revealed by God and it is your anchor, your tie to Him. It is what you cling to through the ups and downs of the year. It’s amazing how perfectly the word fits and sums up what you learned when you look back at the year. God has an incredible way of taking a word and allowing us to think it will mean one thing, yet blowing our mind by giving it such a deeper meaning.

Three steps to finding your word.

1.Plug in. You must prepare your heart by looking in. This means unplugging from the world so you can plug into God and truly hear what He wants to speak to you. Whether it’s three hours or three days, you turn your phone off, step away from the media, get alone with God and silence the noise of the world around you. You let go of the world to see the eternal.

2.Just ask. You receive your word by looking up. In the quietness of unplugging, you talk to God and ask Him to reveal your word. You ask Him to give you patience while you wait to hear your word and discernment when you do. It can take minutes or weeks for Him to reveal your word. You keep asking and when you think you have your word, ask Him to make it clear through revelation that it is correct. The word will jump off the page of text or repeat through everything you read and everyone you speak with. God will make it clear that this word is yours for the year, but it may require patience for the revelation.

3.Post It. Live your word by looking out. Once your word is revealed, then you live it out. You post it everywhere. Tie it to your wrist as a reminder. Write it on the doorposts of your home. Make the word visible to yourself and to others. It’s incredible how many times I’ll need encouragement or answers, and I will look up to see this year’s word or a past year’s word written on my mirror or hanging on my wall and it is the simple reminder I need to keep going.

The word can be anything. It may not make sense to begin with, but if you find the word repeating then pick it and commit to it for the year to see how God reveals the meaning behind it. He will. He is faithful. Enjoy your journey!

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